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How to make your coworkers like you, in 60 seconds or less

"If you think it's awkward that you don't know their name, chances are they feel the same way.” Alexandra shares the best way to introduce yourself to new colleagues and how you can go beyond a one word answer to, “How are you doing?”


The Cut

When Asking for More Money Backfires

What happens when asking for more money goes sideways? How can we parlay it into a decent outcome, or prevent it from happening in the first place? Alexandra explains how proper research will set you up for success in your next negotiation.



Use This 3-Step Strategy To Ask For Anything You Want—And Get It

Negotiation can sound like a daunting task. But with a few tips, you can be so much better at asking for — and getting — anything you want. Alexandra shares her 3-step strategy to negotiate like a pro. 


Women@Forbes — Contributing Writer

The Cut — “Going Freelance? Here’s How to Not Freak Out”

The New York Times — “With ‘The Big Life,’ Millennial Women Get a New Guide”

Glamour Magazine — “I'm $10,000 Richer Thanks To My ‘Whisper Network’”

Refinery29 — “How To Fix The Career "Mistakes" That Affect Your Paycheck”

LinkedIn — “How To Deal With The Anxiety Of Not Hearing Back”

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So Money With Farnoosh Torabi, Episode 439

In this episode, host Farnoosh Torabi interviews Alexandra on the essential negotiation strategies every professional needs to know.


So Money With Farnoosh Torabi, Episode 590

For host Farnoosh Torabi's Friday episode, she and Alexandra answer negotiation and money questions from listeners. 


The After Show By Après

Après is a career resource for women returning to work after a break or transitioning within the workplace. Alexandra is interviewed by Après CEO Jennifer Gefsky on the negotiation skills women need to succeed when re-entering their careers.  


Time's Up On Behavior-Based Negotiation Advice For Women

Alexandra was interviewed on CBC Radio's Information Morning, Nova Scotia’s number one morning radio talk show, to discuss new negotiation strategies for women.