The definition of practice

What do you think of when you hear the words “yoga practice”?  Sutras 1.13 and 1.14 explain the yogic philosophical definition of practice.

1.13 Practice is any effort toward quieting the mind.

1.14 Practice goes on for a long time, without break and with full devotion.

It’s a good thing about sutra 1.14, because my 200-hour teacher training program has officially reached its conclusion.  But that doesn’t mean practice stops!  No, practice goes on for a looooong time.  (Incidentally, the yoga sages didn’t define what exactly a “long” time is, so I think that is up for interpretation.)

It’s challenging to write about the end of TT because it is frankly kind of overwhelming.  I struggled a bit with the initial decision to do the training, but I am so glad that I eventually took the leap.  To do this program with my teacher Jenny (in the center, doing a twist) who I have looked up to, learned from and respected for so many years was such a privilege.  The things I came away learning turned out to be so different than the things I thought I would learn.  It was intense, but it was so, so worth the effort.