Teacher Training, day 1: Familiar faces, new ways of thinking

I have officially survived the first day of teacher training!  The day met my (admittedly loose) expectations and I’m excited to continue on with the program.  Me and 27 other trainees started our day at the SoHo TT center.  I was surprised and pleased to see a few familiar faces from the retreat I went to last year with Jenny and Chrissy at Heathen Hill – specifically Maya and Jess, who assist with the training program.

We spent roughly the first half of the day practicing the poses we would focus our discussion on later in the afternoon.  This weekend’s theme is neutrally and externally rotated standing poses, and we focused our efforts on just three postures: Warrior 2Extended Side Angle and Triangle.

I feel confident in the sanskrit words as well as the physical placement of the body for these (and I would venture to say most) postures, so some of what we talked about today felt like review for me.  What I found really interesting was something we did towards the end of the day – observing people’s bodies in a particular pose and talking about what we saw.  Though looking at the teacher is a pretty standard part of any class, what was new about this for me was taking a systematic approach to looking at bodies.  We looked first at the feet, then the pelvis, then the shoulders – and identified the potential risk factors in corresponding body parts if something is off with one of those areas – the knees, the low back and the neck.  This makes a lot of sense to me, and I had never really thought about analyzing a pose in that particular way.  See, I’m learning already!

Tomorrow we’ll start talking about some of the yoga sutras, and I’m looking forward to that.